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What do athletes and your business have in common?

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Commitment, focus and the pursuit of excellence.

Running your own business offers challenge and opportunity in abundance and while all of this is a given for every business owner, and indeed a necessity in order to grow and scale, why then is it that so many businesses stagnate and plateau in their given field? Do you find your business trailblazing in your field or have you settled for mediocrity?

If it is the latter, then don’t lose hope because you can re-ignite that fire, regain that

commitment and fuel that pursuit of excellence!

What do athletes have that ensure they achieve and sustain excellence? Yes, a coach!

Some have different coaches for the various specific techniques they need to master. The most successful athletes work on their sport 365 days a year. Yes, you read this correctly! 365 days a year! Every single solitary day! The latest research indicates to be the top in their field they are required to have a minimum of 4 hours daily practice. This might be to fine tune their techniques, improve their nutrition or to develop the successful/winner’s mindset. But that is only half of the equation of any successful winning formula. Every successful athlete must immerse themselves in a circle of positive, encouraging and enabling supportive people.

They must; Eat it! Breathe it! Feel it! Sleep it! Live it! And Dream it!

Do we need the same for our business? Absolutely!

If we want to excel and be the go-to company or business in our field! We need to know where our competitive edge is.

What is it, you are offering that is different, unique and has added value over that which your competitors offer? That is why planning is crucial.

Everyone has heard the old adage that failing to plan is planning to fail. You could shrug it off as a cliché but truth is this statement has proved itself over and over again.

All I have to do is to painfully remember my woeful results when I sat my GCSE/ O’ level exams. How I ever managed to convince myself that I had done enough to secure good grades when I had insufficient study planned is beyond me …though this wasn’t the first or last time I deluded myself. I have since learned that life has a nasty habit of showing us the same lessons repeatedly until we finally learn the lesson! I now accelerate my learning by actively seeking the lesson out of every situation, albeit sometimes painful on occasion.

So, I now know good thorough planning is the first step to ensure my business


As quarter two of the financial year begins, I invite you to pause in order to devote time and attention to ensure your plans for growth and development are comprehensive, thorough and SMART.

Be sure that all your Key Result Areas KRA’s link to your values and mission statement. If your mission statement ignites the hunger in you and drives you to wake up every morning with passion and excitement then you are on track. If not, this needs to be revisited. If your mission statement, values and KRA’s are in alignment then it is easier to identify your Key Performance Indicators KPI’s. Once these are clear it is then down to strategy. The following questions are designed to help you examine them.

Are the strategies your business employs effective?

Are you getting off the blocks in record speed time?

Do your strategies enable you to clear the hurdles?

Are you measuring your performance where it matters most?

What is your mindset like?

Who are you surrounded by?

Do you know what steps to take each and every day?

What is your training regime like?

Do you have a different one for rainy days? (Contingency plan)

Are you adaptable?

Who are your mentors and coaches?

Do you have an individualised learning plan as the business owner?

Do you know what you have to learn to achieve gold?

Every aspect of your business needs a thorough plan from marketing to sales to customer/after care product/service development/ scale-ability.

The time is now to do a complete thorough analysis of your business. Set your business up to succeed. Be the trailblazer! If you invest in planning now you will reap the benefits later.

There are six easy steps:

Step 1 Plan to succeed.

Step 2 Action the plan.

Step 3 Schedule time each quarter or more frequent if necessary (I suggest at least monthly) to review and evaluate performance

Step 4 Tweak where necessary

Step 5 Implement the new strategies

Step 6 Repeat Step 2 to 5. End of year = SUCCESS.

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