Cairn Magill, founder of LBC Coaching, is a fully qualified coach, through MindStream Ireland. After 30 years of experience in social work, she is now moving on to support people and businesses with a different approach. 

She has a refined and wide repertoire of skills, knowledge and experience in her previous roles, these include;

Skills of: assessing need and compliance; risk management; planning for change; strategizing; monitoring and evaluating;

Knowledge of: growth mindset; cycle of change; human behaviour; psychological development; habits - how they develop and serve you; how systems operate and our role within them; relationship dynamics- interpersonal and within the business world; power of networking.

Experience of: delivering excellent customer care; conflict resolution; managing difficult conversations; driving quality improvement: reviewing serious adverse incidents through root cause analysis and systems based analysis.

Cairn is passionate about learning and continues to develop her understanding, knowledge and skills in; growth mindset, human psychology and neuroscience which enables her to deliver a quality transformational service to clients.



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